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boxxxes is a netlabel. boxxxes is experimental. boxxxes is improvisational. boxxxes are out of control. boxxxes can be stupid. boxxxes are always free. boxxxes is whatever i say it is. STARLIGHT 105 FM is the studio where projects are boxxxed. dugRnet is the producer who does the boxxxing. web: email: info at boxxxes dot com address: boxxxes po box 23432 flagstaff, az 86002 "i can do whatever i want"
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by Independent Noise Party
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boxxxes presents INDEPENDENT NOISE PARTY: Demand Independent Noise Party Recorded September 9 & 30, 2005. All is improvised and live. No overdubs. On this recording: dugRnet, Carrie Ann & Kendall Vesica Piscis, Ezra Ravencroft, Anomos, Patrick E. Yowell, and friends.
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Topics: boxxxes, experimental, noise, grindcore, electronic, improvisation, glitch, IDM, ambient
Source: The Dub Room
by Detek Alarms
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boxxxes presents DETEK ALARMS: Detek Alarms EP Due to violent persecution at home, the Detek family from Germany have been forced to seek refuge in safe havens around the globe. On December 1, 2005, a small group of Detek siblings descended upon the studio: STARLIGHT 105 FM, in Flagstaff, Arizona USA. Represented: D.A. Detek, Deiter Strangelove Detek, Hansel Detek, and many other younger Deteks. This is Nihilistic Neo-Gabber. This is Detek Alarms!
Topics: boxxxes, experimental, noise, gabber, grindcore, electronic, glitch, IDM, ambient
Source: STARLIGHT 105 FM